Walmart Grocery Pickup Simplified My Life

Walmart Grocery Pickup Simplified My Life -- Homegrown HabitatGrocery shopping: we all have to do it. Well, unless you have a self-sustaining farm… which I don’t. But, admit it, sometimes grocery shopping is stressful… you are dragging around tired, cranky kids, or hyper ones that are adding things willy-nilly to the cart. And, bless their little hearts, they are just being kids. But, at the grocery store, that complicates things. Plus, I tend to forget my list, or worse, try to wing it, and end up at home with a car full of snacks and breakfast cereal and half the ingredients for a few dinners. Does your shopping trip look like this too?

Well, there is an easier way!! Have you tried the new Walmart Grocery Pickup?

(**I am NOT in any way associated or affiliated with Walmart… I am just a happy, busy, mom-customer, and want to share this service with other busy moms!**)

Walmart offers this service at many of their locations now and it recently arrived at my store. And it has REVOLUTIONIZED my grocery shopping. Is the service offered at your store? If it is you should use it!!

You simply download the Walmart Grocery App. Then just shop for the regular items you buy on your grocery shopping trip and add them to your cart in the app. When you have your cart complete, simply check out. The app will ask you to choose a store to pickup your order at, and the time you want to pick it up. When your order is ready, you will receive an alert on the app and you can push the “On My Way” button and it will determine when you have arrived at the store by GPS. Once you have arrived, your friendly personal shopper will bring your order out to the car… and load it for you! It couldn’t be easier.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Simplified My Life -- Homegrown Habitat

The app tells me our order is ready

Walmart Grocery Pickup Simplified My Life -- Homegrown Habitat

Waiting in covered parking for our order to come out

So, let me tell you some of my favorite things about using Walmart Grocery Pickup over traditional grocery shopping:

1. I used to notice items we ran out of during the week and write them on a paper or electronic list. I would also think of meals I wanted to have the next week and jot those ideas or needed ingredients on my list. Then the list might or might not make it to the store with me, and might or might not have been checked off. Now, when I notice we run out of something, I simply open my Walmart Grocery app and add that item to my cart. Done. No extra steps.
2. Before it was tedious to try to remember all the regular items I buy nearly every week. With the Walmart Grocery app, I add those regular items to my favorites list and scroll through the list as I finalize my cart for the week.
3. Our total shopping time is a fraction of what it used to be… and no crazy in-store kid corralling! My kids stay in the car with me the whole time while our personal shopper loads the groceries.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Simplified My Life -- Homegrown Habitat

Me and the kids, snug in the car

Walmart Grocery Pickup Simplified My Life -- Homegrown Habitat

Our fantastic personal shopper, confirming our order before loading it up

4. With traditional shopping, I had to handle the groceries so many times: put them in the cart, put them on the checkout belt, put the bagged groceries back in my cart, load them from the cart to my car, unload them at home and then put them away. Now it is a two-step process for me. Unload the car and put them away. So much simpler.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Simplified My Life -- Homegrown Habitat

A few things to keep in mind if you start using the Walmart Grocery Pickup service:

1. You have to plan ahead. You need to order your cart at least a day before you would like to pick your order up.
2. If you forgot to add something to your cart, no worries! You can add to your previous order up until the wee hours of the morning the day you scheduled your pickup.
3. I prefer not to order certain items from the pickup service. This is just a personal preference, nothing against the awesome personal shoppers. I like to choose my own meats and fresh produce, so I tend not to use the service for these.
4. I choose to allow substitutions for all my grocery cart items. So far, every sub I have been given is equivalent or better than what I ordered in the first place. I have only had two items be completely out of stock, including subs, and I was not charged for these, of course.

So, fellow busy moms, try Walmart Grocery Pickup. I think it will simplify your life, too. Take the help where you can!

Learn more about Walmart Grocery Pickup at the official site.

Happy Cultivating, Friends!


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