The Dog Days of Summer

This year, I really took the phrase “the dog days of summer” to heart. July was very warm, and I felt very unmotivated to do much of anything. However, the garden marches on and each day comes anyway, and I made myself step up and DO things that needed doing.
This clump of bearded iris has grown full and beautiful. The problem was that it was really in the way of the garden hose storage. So, I dig about half the clump to move to a different area of the garden.
My little girl relaxed with me after I dug the iris rhizomes. (Actually, she rested, I divided the clumps and cut the leaves off, while trying not to drop dirt on her face.) If the transplants survive, this area of the garden should finally be filled with plants.
My little garden helpers also wanted to harvest garlic bulbs with me. They surprised me by digging up two or three each before passing the task off to me for the other 45 or so.

We enjoyed plenty of blooms in the garden during these dog days, as well: sunflowers, gladiolus, purple coneflower, and marigold.
We harvested grapes, blackberries, a few tomatoes and some green beans as well.
I seeded several gardens beds for a fall crop of radish, lettuce, carrot, beet, turnip and a variety of salad greens. I started seedlings indoors for broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage that will go out in a few weeks. My littles helped seed those, so the seedlings came up a teensy bit thick. No worries, I just clipped the extras as microgreens for my lunch one day. Yum!
My fabulously supportive husband finished the last major flagstone path/steps. These flagstone paths make a HUGE visual difference in how finished the yard looks! Hooray! Since we have flagstone left, we will be paving the pathways on between the garden beds next.
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