April Showers Bring May Flowers… It Better Be True!

We have had such a wet spring this year… The wettest I remember in my 20 years in Utah. The snow has finally stopped (knock on wood), but we have had rain and rain and rain. It has really slowed down our garden work. But hopefully, all the moisture will help all my seeds sprout! I do see plenty of tiny sprouts coming up… But we have to wait to identify if they are friend or foe.

The twins have now planted out their batch of seedlings, and I have started a second batch of my plant choices: Fireworks Gomphrena, Saponaria, Stardust Iceplant, and a few varieties of Dianthus.
The littles helped me thin the “olives” on the apricot tree. They were surprisingly quick to pick up on how many to thin and to leave one little fruit every four inches or so. It was fun to work with them and lift them up to reach higher branches.
My teen boys used the pallets from the flagstone to build a compost bin, and then shoveled all the duck muck into it for me.
Speaking of ducks, I have decided we simply have too many for our space and needs. I still adore having them, but have offered some of them to a fellow homesteader neighbor, and will wait for him to build them a pen. We also changed the way we feed the ducks to cut down on the rodents that open 24/7 food is attracting. We now give the ducks greens (either scrap from the garden or kitchen, or fodder) in the AM and then give them feed on their afternoon walk in the yard. That way, the mice have nothing to find and feed on. So far, so good.
We are trying potatoes for the first time this year at this house to see how much of a harvest we will get. The girls chose purple potatoes, and did a great job planting them.
The strawberries are starting to flower, so garden fresh strawberries are only weeks away now!
The grab bags of tulip bulbs we bought from Thanksgiving Point last year are giving us a fun extended show with early to late bloomers in a mix of colors. Hubby and I decided we’ll go get more this year… Lots more, so we’ll have any even more colorful show next year.
Hubby and I worked on one more flagstone path this weekend. This one leads down to the swingset area, and around the front of the strawberry/asparagus bed. The littles approve of the paths; they told me they like all the “exploring paths” this morning. 🙂 I, too, approve of the paths. They are making the yard feel much more finished, and I LOVE that!
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