Snow and Blossoms

This week… Well, this week we had snow several times. Not a lot at once, and it melted within 24 hours each times. But, I am ready to be done with snow for the season. The moisture is appreciated, but can’t we have rain instead? On Friday morning, we made a lot of progress on the front yard flagstone steps. We planned to finish the front steps this morning, but woke to… SNOW, and had to postpone.

Despite the snow and colder temps, the blossoms are staying intact on the apricot tree (fingers crossed), and the plum and peach trees are starting to bud out as well. The beautiful forsythia bush is in full bloom now too.
The rhubarb, garlic and sedums in the window boxes on the shed don’t seem fazed one bit by the cold snap.
The ducks enjoyed a bath this afternoon (and I spy a very happy looking duck in this photo… Can you?)
Indoors, our first batch of seedlings is off to a great start. (These include marigold, zinnia, sunflower, and cabbage.)
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