Pathway Progress and Signs of Spring

Several plants are coming back to life with the spring-like weather. The red blush of spring sedums  and ice plant is so delightful, and nearly glows in the sunlight.
The earliest daffodils are forming buds now. One even opening its flower today. The three year old could not help herself, and picked the flower to show us all how beautiful it was.

As we enter our seventh year at this house, we are FINALLY finishing our pathways with flagstone. I am SO excited about this project. I think this will make a HUGE difference in making our entire yard look FINISHED. The whole family came outside to help us with this project (according to their skill and abilities.)
The two oldest teens even tackled a side path by themselves and I was so impressed with their cooperation with each other and the nice progress they made.
Other plants that are coming back to life include:
Palmer’s Penstemon
Larkspur in the tin washtub planter
Walking Egyptian Onion
And the mini-clover in the grass pathways is greening up before the grass. It adds nice length to the season.
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