Garden Shed Plans

Winter, of course, is for garden planning! This year, we are planning to add a much needed garden shed to our property. For the past five years, all the garden gear has been crammed in the garage with bikes, sleds, cars, a chest freezer, tools and various house project paraphenalia. It will be nice to move the garden supplies out to the garden.

Last summer when we poured a wider driveway, we had the contractor add a concrete pad for the shed as well. The kids had a blast using that pad for a stage, a pirate ship, and various other outdoor adventures. However, the time has come to use it for its intended purpose: a shed!
The hubs and I sat down last night to hash out the details of our shed project. I had pretty much planned everything in my head previously, but it was nice to work it out together, since he had some great input and since he will be the actual building contractor. 🙂
Here are my very amateur, but functional, shed plan sketches. Scale is 1:1 sq. ft.

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